Advancing Sustainable Development Impact through effective Human Capital Management

About Development Dialogue 2018

“Development Dialogue is Nigeria’s leading thought-leadership Conference for NGO Leaders, Development Practitioners, Social Innovators and Entrepreneurs. It provides a rallying point for thinkers, doers and change-makers who envision a better future for Africa, and are working actively for social good. Since 2015, over 700 professionals have attended the Dialogue. This year, we expect practitioners across Education, Healthcare, Energy and Environment, Gender Advocacy, Financial Inclusion, Technology Innovation etc.”

This year, we aim to strengthen the capacity of…..”

We are excited to host exhibitors at the Development Dialogue 2018

The Dialogue provides a significant opportunity to International Nonprofits, Social Enterprises, NGOs, Funding and Grantmaking Organisations, International and Local Fellowship Programs, Development-sector Associations and Networks, Service Providers (legal, accounting, branding, training etc), CSR Initiatives connect with professionals and showcase their offerings to a network of social innovators.


Development Dialogue is a full-day executive conference bringing together the finest minds and brightest professionals in the sector for sharing stories, engaging discussions, leading insights and decisive deliberations for purposeful action. We will throw music and spoken word in the mix, amidst fantastic networking and collaborative opportunities.

The Dialogue this year is for – decision makers, Executive Directors, HR Directors and leaders, executors of people initiatives, program managers, volunteer coordinators and other professionals in social enterprises, non-profits, impact-driven businesses as well as CSR divisions of corporate firms – who seek cutting-edge insights and global best practices on managing people, processes and performance for greater impact.

Sessions at the Conference include:

Advancing Sustainable Development Impact through Effective Human Capital Management

The Future of Leadership in Corporate Africa: Building your People to Build your Vision

CSR Strategy that Works: Mobilizing Corporate Social Investment for development outcomes

Brainpower to Bottomline: Driving High-Level Performance and Workplace Productivity

Hiring for Results: Winning Strategies for Attracting, Engagingand Retaining Great Talent in your Organisation

Effective Governance: Everything to Note about Constituting, Connecting and Communicating with your Board

Career Conversations: Career Pathways, Job Opportunities, Top Skills and Transitioning into the Non-Profit/ Development Sector

Structure to Scale: Best Practice Insights on Structuring Businesses and NGOs for Greater Social Impact

The Volunteer-Led Model: Equipping and Engaging Volunteers for your Social Enterprise, InitiativesandPrograms

Public-Private Partnerships: Accelerating Development through Collaborations with the Government

This Panel, which we love to call a Pop-Up Incubator is a no-holds-barred, facilitated mentorship session with seven exceptional thought-leaders and successful business mentors who have tremendous resultscatalyzing social change and development outcomes.

During the Panel, they share insights, provide direct answers to delegates’ questions and offer strategic counsel to our social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and public sector practitioners on issues around venture growth, organisational leadership, talent management, fundraising, non-profit management, innovation models etc.

The Conference will close with a Dinner that awards the Talents of the Future – which honors distinguished employees of participating organisations, who are millennials in the first five years of their career – for exceptional devotion, excellent work output, team work and professionalism.